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My recent projects

Please check out the linked github repositories for more information

An Ebay clone

Created using Python HTML and CSS and utilizing the Django framework. This project was created as a solution to a set project on HarvardX's CS50W course.

A bread dough calculator

Written in C# and .NET and utilizing a SQLite database. Il Pane is a Windows Native application
that aims to help amateur and professional bread makers calculate dough hydration, easily scale recipes
and keep track of those recipes.

About me

Skills, Certifications and Interests

  • Microsoft Certified Microsoft Azure Developer Associate

    I enjoy the challenges of developing and modernizing systems to use cloud technologies.

  • Code & Development

    Python, C# and .NET and Java. I'm happy to get stuck into any language. I love learning new ways of achieving successful efficient outcomes.

  • Security top 1% - I enjoy (ethically) breaking into networks and systems. I like to apply this knowledge to create clean and safe applications and cloud based solutions.

  • Git

    Experienced using, maintaining and managing git repositories.

  • Music

    While this site is focused on my portfolio and skills as a computer scientist and engineer. I am a musician, too. I play guitar, piano and violin.

  • Hobbies

    Computer based: Computer and information security
    Music: guitar, piano, violin,
    Sports: running, tennis, rugby. .

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